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How to Use the T-Rex Miner

Using the Trex miner is easy and requires only a few steps. Unlike other mining programs, the Trex miner supports multiple coin and Ethereum pools. It can be used for dual mining, which is ideal for people who have Low Hashrate nVidia GPUs. To start mining, you first need to choose two pools, one for Ethereum and another for your other coin. You can find a list of supported coins on the T-Rex website. Then, create a new Pool Group and select one pool for Ethereum and one for the other coin.

The Trex miner works on both Windows and Linux. It has a build-in developer fee of 1%. There are also options to customize your worker name. To set up a worker account, you must first register for an account with Trex miner and set a passphrase. Once you’ve registered, you can download and install the T-Rex miner. If you want to get started mining, simply follow the instructions provided by T-Rex.

The Trex miner supports Dual Mining. This feature is meant for users of nVidia GPUs with low-hashrate GPUs. To use the dual mining function, you’ll need two Ethereum pools or other supported coins. To learn about the supported coins, visit the T-Rex wiki page. To start mining, create a new Pool Group and select the Ethereum pool. After a few seconds, select the second coin pool.

Once you’ve finished setting up your miner, you can launch it to test it. During the testing period, the hash rate was stable at 54-56 Mh/s on Kawpow. The board’s power consumption was normal, and the memory controller and GPU load were stable. The LHR guide recommends that you set your GPU to the highest setting possible. Then, you can launch the mining process. If you’re new to crypto mining, check out the Crypto Mythbusters video series for more information.

After setting up your T-Rex, you should select the optimal settings. After selecting your settings, you can restart the miner. This is an essential step for mining because if you have trouble with your miner, you should check it regularly. If it’s unstable, you should try switching to another one. The best mining software is the one that works best for your needs. The most efficient way to determine what settings work best is to download the T-Rex’s 0.24.0 version.

The T-Rex 0.24.0 partially unlocks LHR. We saw an 80-Mh/s hash rate in Standard LHR unlock mode. This was only 73% of its max hash rate. The dual mining LHR unlocking of ETH+ERGO had a low hashrate. However, the GPU was stable enough for us to continue the mining. If you’re new to crypto mining, it is a good idea to check the GPU settings of the miner before making a decision.

The T-Rex 0.24.0 partially unlocks LHR. It has a hashrate of 85 Mh/s in Standard LHR unlock mode and 73% of the maximum. The dual mining LHR unlock ETH+ERGO mode did not show any acceptable stability. More testing is needed to determine the optimal settings for the GPU. Once you’re done with the T-Rex, you’ll be amazed at the result.

The recommended LHR settings for the 3080Ti GPU are 71 in low power mode and 68 in normal mode. These settings will ensure that your GPU reaches its full potential and achieves the maximum profit. Similarly, it should support the other two GPUs as well. If you’re using the GPU on a laptop, the LHR setting should be about 25. In addition, the LHR 30 parameter may also affect your performance.


The profit switcher should also be able to handle the dual mining feature. If you’re mining Ethereum and RVN, this is a good option. You should also keep in mind that the LHR 30 parameter should be adjusted to maximize the performance of your GPU. This will ensure that you get the best hash rate. Besides, if you’re mining on multiple GPUs, the profits switcher should support the use of multiple GPUs.




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