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Labor Source, L.L.C.

Labor Source provides professional staffing services throughout the United States, including recruiting and deployment, management of unskilled workers, disaster restoration, and more. The company’s staffing solutions help businesses meet their staffing needs, from temporary to full-time. You can view detailed company information on the PitchBook Platform. You must be a member of the PitchBook platform to view the full profile. If you have not yet become a member of the PitchBook Platform, register today to receive access to its detailed profiles.

Labor Source Staffing

Wise Staffing Group, LLC, a subsidiary of Labor Source, has been sued by a pregnant applicant for failing to hire her. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleges that Labor Source, L.L.C. failed to hire her based on her pregnancy. Although Labor Source does not have a formal policy against pregnancy discrimination, it has been found that it did not follow the same standards for hiring as other companies.

Labor Source Near Me

There are many benefits to hiring general labor staffing agencies near me. One of these benefits is the ability to get immediate assistance. General labor jobs are the most accessible, so hiring workers near your location will reduce the amount of time and travel that these employees have to endure. Additionally, a general labor staffing agency near me can help you avoid lengthy travel times by matching you with a laborer with the skills you need. These benefits make general labor staffing agencies near me the best option for your specific needs.

Labor Source Cullman al

A labor source in Cullman, Alabama, is one of the most reliable and consistent ways to attract a new business. The region has a large, dedicated workforce, with many underemployed and trained individuals. The Cullman County labor force contains more than 15,000 workers, and there are another ten thousand people who live in neighboring counties, and commute into Cullman daily to find work. The Cullman labor force can be a great resource for new businesses, but the city’s untapped pool is even greater.

The county boasts a diverse labor market with a wide variety of industries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has a population of 15,156, with 94.8 percent of residents identifying as white. One percent of residents are Hispanic, while another two percent identify as African American. There are also several Asian and Native American residents. The median household income in Cullman is $40129. The city also has several manufacturing and service industries.

Labor Source Decatur al

Labor Source, L.L.C. is a Domestic Limited Liability Company in Decatur, AL. If you are looking for more information about this company, you can contact them at the address listed below. You can also submit another address if you would prefer. However, if you don’t find any contact information for Labor Source, L.L.C., you can submit another address by filling out the form on this page.

Labor Source – A Brief Description of the Staffing Industry

Labor Source offers professional staffing services throughout the United States, including recruitment, deployment and management of unskilled workers. It also provides disaster restoration services. These services help companies meet their staffing needs. To access detailed information on Labor Source, visit PitchBook Platform. To access the full profile, sign up for access to the platform. You can also learn about other similar companies in the staffing industry. The following is a brief description of Labor Source.

One Source Staffing

One Source Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a privately held business in Elk Grove, California. It operates within the Employment Services industry. This business generates revenues of $77,987 per year. The company employs eight people at its single location. One Source Staffing Solutions is a women-owned business. It has been in business for eight years. One Source Staffing Solutions is located in Elk Grove, California. The company’s website is one source for job listings.

The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employees are treated equally regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, transgender status, age, family status, or genetic information. It is a diverse workplace and welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds. The Company’s values reflect the diversity of its employees. One Source staffing is committed to diversity. It’s committed to hiring diverse talent and retaining qualified employees with relevant experience and skills.

Labor and Catstaff

A team of investors led by Great Range Capital have acquired Labor source and Catstaff. Labor source is a professional staffing company headquartered in Olathe, Kansas that provides light industrial and restoration laborers to businesses. The firm will remain headquartered in Olathe and retain its name and brand. The acquisition is a continuation of operations under a new leadership team and new ownership. Mike Pitman will serve as the company’s chief executive officer.

Founded in 1999, Labor Source provides disaster recovery and restoration projects with thousands of highly skilled workers. One of its most popular products is its Disaster Recovery Workforce, which is capable of putting together the best teams for large-scale construction projects. Brandon Sutherland will maintain a substantial equity stake in the company and serve as a member of the senior management team. Mike Pitman will be the new CEO of the combined company. This acquisition is the latest move in the company’s expansion plans.

Wise Staffing

A Mississippi staffing agency is paying out nearly $40,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Labor Source, L.L.C. and Wise Staffing, saying they improperly denied a pregnant applicant a position. Wise Staffing said it interviewed the applicant for a clerical position and discovered she was pregnant. The company brought her back for another interview, but ultimately decided to hire someone else.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the company failed to hire a qualified applicant because she was pregnant. The company agreed to compensate the woman $40,000 and provide training in anti-discrimination laws. The company also agreed to require applicants to pass a test based on the training, which is supposedly a prerequisite to working for the company. The settlement also obligates Wise Staffing to provide this training.

Labor Source is a branch of Wise Staffing Group, a full-service human resources firm specializing in career and temporary staffing. The company emphasizes excellent customer service. Wise is one of the largest staffing services in the Southeast, and its presence is growing rapidly throughout the midwest. Its four subsidiaries include Wise Staffing Services, EPSCO Inc., Labor Source, and Wise Medical Staffing Inc.

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