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The Meaning of Prohibit in Malay

There are several synonyms for the word prohibit. The most common one is forbid. Another meaning is inhibit, but these are less common. Most of the time, we use prohibit in reference to a rule or standard, such as no over-speeding in a vehicle. Or, a parent may say their child is not allowed to eat candy before dinner. Regardless of the word’s use, it’s important to remember that the most commonly used definition is to prevent.

Prohibit Synonyms

If you are looking for synonyms for the word prohibit, you are in luck. There are 1216 of them listed below. You can filter these results to find synonyms for prohibit that sound similar. By doing so, you can find more than just one possible meaning for the word. Thesaurus words related to prohibit can be helpful in forming new sentences. Read on to find out more! Read on to learn more about prohibited synonyms. Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, you’ll find the perfect word.

Some of the other synonyms of prohibit include hinder, forbid, and interdict. These words all mean to deter, inhibit, or prevent something from happening. Inhibit is less common than prohibit, but both words mean to prevent or hinder something. Inhibit and prohibit are most often used in a legal context, such as in laws or regulations. The verb prohibit is used to prevent something from happening, such as a car speed limit. Likewise, an injury to the leg can inhibit one from walking.

Prohibited Meaning in Malay

The word for prohibit in Malay is “perhatikan.” In English, the word would be “to prevent.” In Malay, this means to make something illegal. It has many other meanings as well. Let’s look at some examples. What is the prohibited meaning in Malay? How is this word used in real life? Read on to discover the answer. This article provides an overview of prohibited meaning in Malay.

Prohibited is the opposite of permissible. In English, this word is pronounced “no”. This Malay definition of the word will help you find an appropriate way to use it. If you’re not a native speaker of Malay, you can learn the word with your native language. Here’s a list of ways to use prohibited in your life. Learn to say “no” in Malay!

Prohibit Antonym

Did you know there are 47 antonyms for the word prohibit? Here are some of them. Check out the list below to learn the correct usage. There are many more synonyms for prohibit. Listed below are the most common ones. All the synonyms are listed alphabetically. By using the list of antonyms, you can make your search easier and find a word that fits your purpose. We hope you find this list helpful.

The antonym of prohibit is inhibit. Inhibit means to hinder or prevent something. For example, a speed bump can inhibit people from going fast, but a cast on a leg may prevent them from walking. Despite the difference in meaning, they do often overlap. Using a thesaurus can be helpful if you need more options. Thesaurus can also provide you with related words and phrases. Identify the ones that fit your purpose and use them in your writing.

Not Prohibited Meaning

“Not prohibited” has several different meanings. It can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. In many signs, the word implies that something must be avoided, as though violating a rule will have dire consequences. On the other hand, it can make something more attractive, as in the phrase, “No smoking.”

Prohibit in a Sentence

The word prohibit in a sentence is used in many different contexts, including smoking and the sale of alcoholic beverages. Examples of use include the prohibition of smoking in public areas, state secrets, and the importation of disqualified pharmaceuticals. In addition, banning certain activities would exclude people from an industry. And, in some cases, the prohibition of anonymous articles in schools could prohibit the distribution of these articles. But, why is

Prohibit a Good Word to use in a Sentence?

The term prohibit has two meanings: preventing and inhibiting. For example, a law might prohibit the federal government from condemning land. Or a law could prevent a police officer from commenting on the news. In either case, it would be prohibitive to commit a crime. By contrast, a regulation might prohibit a football team owner from owning other teams, or a national football league from attempting to influence elections. Similarly, a federal law might prohibit a civil service employee from participating in political activities.

Prohibited Meaning in Tamil

Want to learn how to say “no” in Tamil? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll learn the Tamil meaning of the word “no” as well as how to pronounce it. Also, you’ll find examples of prohibited phrases, as well as English equivalents. By the end of this article, you’ll have a deeper understanding of this commonly misused word.

First of all, it’s important to know the Tamil word for “no.” This word has many translations in English, but its tttai equivalent is “prohibited.”

Prohibit Meaning in Hindi

The Hindi word ‘prohibit’ means ‘to forbid or to prohibit’. This word’s meaning can be found in a variety of contexts, including the law and the courts. This article will give you the correct pronunciation of prohibit in Hindi, along with its antonyms and synonyms. In this article, we’ll discuss the meaning of the word “prohibit” in Hindi, as well as some of the common uses for it.

The word “prohibit” sounds similar to many English words, and has several close synonyms and opposites in Hindi. If you’re unfamiliar with the pronunciation of the word, you can listen to its pronunciation in a Hindi-English dictionary. Learn to communicate properly in Hindi by learning the meaning of the word “prohibit.”

Analogy of Prohibit

The Analogy of Prohibit is an important legal principle, especially in criminal law. It prohibits the use of analogies to punish acts that do not correspond to criminal norms. The prohibition also prevents the use of analogies that have the effect of allowing an act to escape punishment because it is similar to another act. An analogy that works in favor of the defendant does not violate this principle. The same is true of analogies that result in increased taxation.

The word forbid can be used as a verb, such as prohibition, and has the same meaning. However, unlike prohibit, the synonyms inhibit and interdict are a little bit different. Inhibit suggests restraints and forbid implies an authority that makes a law. Therefore, the Analogy of prohibit is not a good argument for the ban on these substances. Although the term forbid is used for illegal drugs, it is not a good fit for the prohibition of cannabis.

What’s the Difference Between Inhibit, Interdict, and Forbid?

Inhibit, interdict, or forbid? What are the differences between these three legal terms? If you’re looking to use one of these words, then keep reading! This article will explain the differences between these terms. You can also find more related words by visiting Related Words. This free online dictionary has over 5 million words. Related Words uses a slightly different approach to help you find synonyms for prohibited. Here are some examples of words related to prohibit:


Inhibit is a word that means to stop, restrict, or delay. Plants that are placed in a dark room inhibit growth, as do teachers who mock students for giving the wrong answer. While this term sounds negative, it’s actually used to describe good things. For instance, drugs that inhibit the growth of cancer cells are a good thing. Inhibit X, an inhibitor of MEK and MEKK-1, is an effective, low-viscosity liquid that can be used on any type of plastic.

Inhibit is a synonym of prohibit, forbid, interdict, and restrain. Inhibit denotes restraint, restriction, or prohibition, and implies restraints imposed by authority or exigency. Similarly, forbid suggests authority and obedience, while inhibit merely prevents a particular activity or behavior. However, when used in a sentence, it’s helpful to remember the distinction between the three.


An interdict prohibit certain actions or behaviors, such as using a hashtag or peacefully occupying a campus. However, if the actions are not peaceful, the university could impose the interdict. The courts are often used as the authority to prevent crime, but vice-chancellors should act in serious cases. Despite their difficulty, interdicts are an unusual legal procedure that is sometimes ignored. Here are some examples of when courts use interdicts.

An employer may use the law to prevent strike-related misconduct, but only if the behavior is protected by the law. The court has held that employers may only impose interdicts on people who have engaged in unlawful conduct, and must demonstrate a rational connection between the conduct and the person seeking interdict relief. However, if the action is unlawful, employers must identify the employees who are involved and investigate the cases. While the Constitutional Court may rule on strike-related misconduct, it is not a final decision on whether to impose a strike-related interdict.

The courts have recognized that criminalizing involuntary manifestations of an illness is unconstitutional. Nevertheless, interdicts can still occur when an act is conducted in order to conceal or disguise an illness. The only part of the interdict that the court questioned was the term “habitual drunkards.” However, this does not preclude the Commonwealth and the Courts from imposing harsh sanctions and even imposing a Good Behavior period in certain circumstances.

While interdicts may appear to have an arbitrary and unreasonable intent, they are a serious legal issue. The balance of probabilities must be overwhelmingly in the plaintiff’s favor. It should be considered an extreme measure in cases where innocent individuals were caught in the crossfire. However, the interdict against innocent participants may chill constitutional rights to strike or deter lawful protest actions. And an interdict against a striker’s actions may lead to the arrest and conviction of innocent participants.

If the conduct was minor and the interdict is narrow, there might be a legitimate defense. Moreover, it is important to point out that a private client with moderate means may not be able to afford a legal defense. On the other hand, parents may be eligible for legal aid if they fear that their children might be pursued. A valid reason for fearing a pursuer is to protect the welfare of their children.

An interdict can be obtained by the individual or through a solicitor. Several laws allow an interdict to prevent an individual from doing something or approaching someone. However, if the person breaks the order, they can be charged with a fine or a prison sentence. Interdicts cannot be granted without a court hearing, which means the accused must have a fair chance to defend themselves. So, it is important to seek legal help for anyone who needs it.


The term “forbidden” has a wide variety of meanings. In its most common sense, it refers to something that is “not allowed or cannot be done.” It may also refer to an act of restriction. In mathematics, the word “forbidden” can mean anything from the restriction of a particular class of cells to a change in the quantum numbers. The word first entered the English language in 1916. The phrase “forbidden” is also commonly used to describe a type of transition that is not allowed by a selection rule.

An error similar to 403 Forbidden can occur if a file has an incorrect ownership. Files may be assigned to a group or owner, but the correct permission value is 755 for folders. To change ownership, you need to use an SSH terminal. Another common cause of a 403 Forbidden error is an incorrect domain name. Incorrectly configured domain names may direct to the wrong IP address and prevent visitors from accessing the website’s content. To fix this problem, visit the Advanced section of your web server’s configuration.

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