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The Underline Underscore Meme

The underline is an emoji that stands for “underscore” in various languages. It can also be used to mean “elonid” or “weaker tot.” Let’s take a closer look at what this emoji means. What are the different kinds of underlines? How about elonids? Weaker tots? And what about underscore memes?


Underscore meaning

A new internet meme highlights that cultural impact is in the eye of the beholder. Apparently, Brittany Broski is more culturally influential than the Beatles. And yet, a new meme suggests that it might be the kombucha girl. And that’s not all. The internet meme can be used to debunk the legitimacy of the entire interpretive community. Here are a few examples of how this kind of meme can be problematic.


Underscore emoji

The underscore emoji meme is an increasingly popular trend on social media. As a form of expression, the emoji is typically accompanied by the phrase “I dunno” or “lol.” The first emoji entry in the Urban Dictionary was posted on November 9th, 2006. This emoji was created by Tumblr user DaringCatastrophe, who posted a screenshot of a whale created using underscores in text bubbles. It gained more than two hundred thousand notes within three days, and derivatives of the emoji used other characters.

Although the emoji meme is a recent development, it does have historical and political meaning. Emojis are symbols created by the company Unicode, which is a consortium of computer scientists and linguists. It is the job of this group to standardize emoji symbols and develop the codes to implement them in everyday life. Ultimately, emojis have become a defining feature of our culture.



The This is Sparta meme first appeared when a trailer for the movie was released on YouTube, featuring a memorable scene. Parodies and remix videos quickly flooded YouTube and YTMND. Eventually, the movie’s full clip was uploaded by channel Movieclips. The clip has now garnered over 22 million views. Since then, the meme has developed into several derivatives, including the Sparta remix, which is a series of music mashups featuring Leonidas’ face and music.


Pepe tots

Pepe the frog was a cartoon character that has become a symbol of white nationalism. He became a symbol of white nationalism after his author, Richard Spencer, was punched in the face after his inauguration. He has also become an icon of alt-right politics, and was credited with coining the term “alt-right”. The video of the punched Spencer spawned a flurry of memes that featured Pepe, including variations with Pepe looking smug, sad, angry, and angry.

The use of racist Pepe the frog cartoons has become a problem on the internet. In mid-September, a video featuring Pepe the frog gained widespread attention after Hillary Clinton called most Trump supporters “basket of deplorables.” Her campaign released an explainer that said Pepe is actually a far more sinister symbol than many people realize. However, Pepe the frog meme has its supporters, including those who defend the cartoon.


Tots test

The Republican Party of Texas has recently created a new meme comparing the line for the COVID-19 test to the line to vote. The message, which has garnered giddiness and anger from both sides of the political spectrum, has quickly risen to the top of the trending posts on Twitter. Experts in propaganda say that the meme achieved what it set out to do: anger and giddiness.

The STFU Hero Election Meme

It’s hard to think of an election year without recollecting the election hashtag, “STFU Hero”. This year’s election was unusual in many ways, and the power of the meme was especially powerful. Users were able to react to political news in real time, providing alternative discourses to mainstream media. And because memes are free, they can reach voters outside the sphere of official political discourses. Here are some memes that exemplify the unusual election year.

GameStop's STFU Hero meme

In a recent article, Internet culture writer Ryan Broderick explained the parallels between the stock market and the GameStop saga. He pointed out that social media is essentially a microcosm of the stock market. In other words, people can’t just post a bunch of crappy memes and hope they go viral. The saga of GameStop is a good example of this phenomenon.

Luffy's playful kinship with fellow pirates

The series follows the adventures of a boy named Luffy, a mercenary, and his friends on the high seas. He encounters a host of different characters and adventures, including a sailor named Ace, a pirate lord, and a swashbuckling girl named Sabo. While in the wilds of the Pacific Ocean, he meets fellow pirates like Jimbei, who later becomes his best friend. Luffy’s friendships with other pirates grow stronger as he gains the respect of his crew and friends.

His unique combination of qualities makes him a well-known figure in the One Piece universe. His naiveté and playful kinship with his fellow pirates have gained him friends and enemies alike. While he is fierce enough to battle against rivals in a match against a Sea King, Luffy is also kind and understanding, often displaying more empathy than his enemies expect. Luffy also proves himself a capable captain, never putting himself or his crew at risk to win a prize. His playful attitude towards life has won him respect from the general public and even some of the pirate-hating Marines.

As part of his quest to become a Pirate King, Luffy is tasked with protecting his beloved island, Dressrosa. Ultimately, Luffy takes down the Warlord and returns Dressrosa to its rightful owners. After the successful raid, Luffy earns the respect of multiple pirate captains and subsequently creates the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. While he does not fully realize his ambition to become a Pirate King, his desire to help others succeed in life leads him to become a pirate king.

In addition to his friendships with fellow pirates, Luffy has many physical attributes. He is extremely strong and fast. He is particularly adept at barehanded combat. He also has great endurance and is immune to electric and blunt forces. His elasticity allows him to stretch at will and use it to his advantage. However, Luffy’s weakness is that he cannot swim. During an encounter with the Sea King, he and Shanks save Luffy but Shanks lose their left arm.



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